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foster falls

Foster Falls serves as a primary sport climbing destination in the southern region. Situated close to the town of Jasper, slightly west of Chattanooga, it offers an enjoyable climbing experience on top-notch sandstone surfaces. While it’s advisable to avoid the extreme temperatures of the hottest and coldest seasons, Foster Falls remains open practically throughout the year.

For novice leaders, there are a handful of beginner-friendly routes to refine their skills, such as Gravity Boots (5.7) or Jacob’s Ladder (5.8). The real excitement at Fosters commences at 5.9, featuring popular climbs like Ankles Away and Twist and Shout, continuing all the way to the immensely challenging, steeply inclined 5.13 routes in the Bunkers area. Fosters caters to a wide range of climbers, ensuring there’s something for everyone.