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meet the team

meet the team

meet the team

timberroot was founded in 2017 with a love for the great outdoors, an idea, and eight tiny cabins in chattanooga, tennessee.


We’re outdoor people. When we travel, we want to feel connected to the place we’re visiting, the natural world, and each other. We were tired of the cookie-cutter vacation rentals we’ve seen dominate the market, so we decided to do something about it. Every decision we make at Timberroot is about driving connections for ourselves and our guests. This unique approach resonates with people and has helped grow Timberroot into a full-service rustic resort development and management firm.

Over the years, we’ve built a diverse team of experts and developed a proven, templated approach to operating vacation rentals that leverages automated processes, AI-enabled workflows, and innovative marketing, all backed by our in-house team’s deep commitment to the guest experience. We take great pride in every aspect of our business. When you call Timberroot, you can be sure that you’re talking to a real, local person with a deep knowledge of our business, values, and properties.

our mission

Is to create, curate, and operate unique short-term rental clusters near popular natural attractions like National Parks. Designed to compliment the surrounding environment organically, our “rustic retreats” immerse guests in nature, allowing them to relax, recharge and find meaningful connections through the creation of shared memories.

our philosophy

We didn’t set out to specialize in managing rustic resorts; we just wanted to create the kind of unique and memorable places where we’d like to stay.

So we built Timberroot from the ground up to give our guests unique getaways and immersive outdoor experiences. By refining our focus exclusively to rustic multi-unit properties, we’ve become uniquely equipped to anticipate our guests’ needs and solve the challenges these types of lodgings present.

Timberroot Rustic Retreats aren’t simply places to stay but springboards for adventure, opportunities to experience the wonders of nature with all the comforts of home, and create lasting, captivating memories.

timberroot founders

frank & nicole may

Frank and Nicole May had a vision for the old Lookout Mountain Mobile Home Park. Together with their children, they began lovingly rehabilitating that 14-acre property at the base of Lookout Mountain into our flagship rustic resort, Wauhatchie Woodlands. Having spent over 15 years running and expanding The Great Backyard Place, a successful chain of specialty retail stores, Frank brings his well-honed business sense to Timberroot as the Chief Executive Officer. Co-Founder Nicole lends her expertise to the guest facing side of the business by elevating the guest experience, overseeing marketing initiatives and working with special projects.

interested in owning a timberroot rustic retreat?

Whether you own an existing property that fits into our rustic resort model or are interested in developing a new high-return asset in the adventure travel sector, Timberroot offers a unique array of full-service property planning, development, and management solutions tailored specifically to rustic resorts.

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