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own a timberroot rustic resort

own a timberroot rustic resort

timberroot is excited to offer a unique opportunity for well qualified entrepreneurs, investors & property owners.

It seems like everyone wants to be in the short-term rental industry these days. The industry has seen an unprecedented boom, growing to an estimated $115 billion in market value in 2022, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

However, with more and more short-term rentals flooding the market, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. It’s not enough to simply finance a house and list it on an STR platform. Today’s travelers are seeking a more frictionless, tech-driven experience that offers the convenience and comfort of a hotel stay with the flexibility and privacy of an STR. which is precisely why we created the timberroot rustic retreat development model. What kind of partnership are you interested in?

developing a new rustic resort

Our model for developing and running a rustic resort is simple– we identify a property and design a resort that compliments the region’s natural beauty. Our partner purchases the property and finances construction of the resort. Once construction is finished, we lease the property under a triple-net lease model where we assume 100% of the resort’s operations and carry all necessary property & liability insurance, providing a stable, totally passive income for the property owner, without any of the headache of running an SRT resort.

taking over management of an existing rental property

Our triple-net lease program also extends to existing rental properties that fit our rustic resort business model. Since we’re focused exclusively on tiny home resorts, glamping units, and vacation rentals located on the same campus with shared amenities, we don’t typically manage traditional B&Bs, individual STR’s, rural motels, or RV park campuses. To be considered for partnership, the property must meet the following criteria:

  • Located Near A Popular Natural Attraction
  • Well-Maintained & Functional Property
  • Gross Rents Over $400K Annually For 2+ Years
  • 10+ Rental Units On The Same Property

what services does timberroot offer to its triple-net lease partners?

At Timberroot, we take care of everything related to the operation and management of your rustic resort allowing property owners to sit back and enjoy a stable, passive income stream. We assume full operational control of the property, including branding it as a Timberroot Rustic Retreat. Our team of experts will manage everything from housekeeping and maintenance to guest services and booking management. We migrate the property’s website to the Timberroot web environment and handle all aspects of marketing and guest communications. Our services include:


Our in-house team oversees every aspect of the concepting process, coordinating with designers, engineers, architects, and contractors to tailor the Timberroot rustic resort model to the unique attributes of the property. We take special care to honor and elevate the natural features and history of the land. More than just aesthetics, we employ a data-driven approach to determine the accommodation type, materials, and construction methods, that maximize future ROI and market competitiveness.


From developing site plans and coordinating with local jurisdictions, to secure building permits and utility hookups, to boots on the ground, our team has the expertise to handle both the administrative and practical parts of the construction process. We maintain a high level of visibility from the first drawings to the final finishing touches, working directly with local officials, engineers, and contractors to ensure that the finished product meets Timberroot’s high standards.

hr & staffing

Our comprehensive HR and staffing services take the burden off of you by handling all aspects of hiring, management and administration of your employees, from recruiting and interviewing to onboarding, training, scheduling, payroll, benefits and compliance. Our experienced HR professionals ensure that we find employees who not only have the required skills and experience but also share our love for the outdoors and dedication to providing a top-notch guest experience. We also provide ongoing training and support for your team to ensure smooth running of your resort and satisfied guests.

property management

We offer a full service approach to property management, handling every aspect of your property from bookings and guest services to maintenance, marketing, revenue optimization, and financial management. Our team of experts use state-of-the-art tools and systems to streamline our operations, provide best possible service to our guests and ensure your property is generating the most revenue. Trust us to handle the details, so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of owning a vacation rental property without the stress and hassle of managing it.

listing management

At Timberroot, we understand that managing a successful vacation rental property requires a combination of effective marketing, strong customer support, and robust terms and conditions to protect your property. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive listing management process that covers all the bases, giving you peace of mind and the best possible chance of success.Our dedicated team lists your property on multiple OTA’s and monitors their performance with analytics, while using SEO and professional photography to attrathe right guests. Our team also works hard to protect your property, by drafting terms and conditions and house rules that clearly outline what guests can expect and what is expected of them.

billing & accounting

Managing billing and accounting can be a daunting task for vacation rental businesses. This is why we have assembled a team of experienced accountants who are knowledgeable in all aspects of vacation rental accounting and will handle everything from payroll to tax compliance, ensuring that your finances are in order. Compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws can be a complex and constantly changing landscape, but out team stays up-to-date on the latest vacation rental laws to ensure that we are always operating within the legal framework. Additionally, they are trained in handling payment processors, detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions, and managing customer refunds.

always-there guest services

From the moment a guest start inquiring about your property all the way though their stay, our customer service team is available to assist them and answer any questions they might have. Our team is locally based, so your guests can be sure that they are reaching a person with a real connection to the property, and not some third-party call center. Timberroot utilizes automated smart messaging to ensure that guests receive all the appropriate information at the correct time, freeing up our team to focus on providing friendly, personal attention to guests.

ai-enhanced pricing

Maximizing revenue for your vacation rental property is crucial, which is why Timberroot partners with the industry-leading dynamic pricing provider, Wheelhouse. By utilizing advanced algorithms and data analytics, we’re able to adjust prices in real-time based on demand, seasonality, and availability, determining the best prices for your property. Automated pricing adjustments and integrations with other software make the process simple and effective, ensuring your property is generating the most revenue possible.

innovative design & marketing

Our in-house design and marketing team is dedicated to creating unique and memorable experiences for our guests. Our team is made up of industry professionals who work together to create beautiful and functional spaces that seamlessly blend into the natural environment, immersing guests in nature and creating a sense of connection. Our marketing department utilizes cutting-edge techniques to promote our properties and attract bookings while working in tandem with the design team to develop cohesive branding and visual identity that accurately represents the property, and the company as a whole.

let's talk

If you're interested in partnering with Timberroot Rustic Retreats to build and manage a rustic resort near a natural attraction, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our partnership opportunities and how we can help you achieve a stable and passive income stream from your property.

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