Scent is a powerful but often underestimated element in our ability to relax. It has the remarkable capability to evoke emotions, trigger memories, and enhance our overall well-being. That’s why the founders of Timberroot were deeply committed to creating the perfect custom scent for their Enchanted Forest bath products.

‍About Timberroot Rustic Retreats

Timberroot Rustic Retreats, a vacation rental company founded by Frank and Nicole May, offers a distinct and exceptional experience for their guests by providing properties that combine rustic charm with modern touches and first-class amenities, setting them apart from the typical offerings in the industry. Every Timberroot property is meticulously designed to complement the surrounding environment and immerse its guests in the beauty of nature. Thus enabling their guests to unwind, recharge, and forge meaningful connections while creating lasting memories.

‍Commitment to Personalization

In a world driven by personalization, Timberroot leaves no stone unturned in crafting unique experiences for our guests. Each property is intentionally designed to enhance relaxation and create unforgettable memories. Even the smallest details, like your toiletry routine, receive our meticulous attention because they believe that personalization elevates every aspect of your stay.

‍Creating the Perfect Scent

Through extensive consultation, ingredient selection, testing, refining, and development, Nicole May crafted the perfect scent for our custom soap, shampoo, and conditioner. This soothing fragrance, a harmonious blend of pine fir, amber, and tobacco, captures the essence of rustic mountain living. Pine fir evokes a forest’s fresh, invigorating aroma, instantly connecting guests with nature and providing a sense of peace. Amber adds a warm and grounding element to the mix, establishing an atmosphere of cozy comfort. The addition of tobacco brings a touch of smokiness and richness to complete the experience. Together, these scents have the power to quiet the mind and transport guests to a peaceful wooded setting, making them feel like they’re nestled in the heart of nature.

Partnering with Good Fortune‍

Our Enchanted Forest scent was created through a partnership with Good Fortune, a local soap and cosmetics company dedicated to customer care and satisfaction through the use of natural healing ingredients. Partnering with a company that shared the same morals of exceptional customer care and a willingness to grow together was very important to the Mays. They knew that with this company, they could ensure the scent was made with as much care and intention as they value for each component of their company.

‍Experience the Magic of Custom-Scented Toiletries

When you choose to stay at any of Timberroot Rustic Retreats’ properties, you will have the pleasure of experiencing the magic of custom-scented toiletries. This carefully curated fragrance doesn’t just enhance the ambiance; it adds depth and authenticity to the rustic retreat experience, creating lasting memories and a sensory connection to the natural surroundings that guests can carry with them long after their stay.


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Our flagship tiny cabin resort might be just a few minutes from downtown Chattanooga, but you’ll feel like you’re staying deep in the woods. Our tiny cabins sleep 4-6 guests between the bedroom and lofted sleeping area, and feature modern amenities, heating and air conditioning, full kitchens, and to top it all off, a private, outdoor hot tub. As an added bonus, most of our cabins are dog friendly, so your four legged friends can come along too.